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Comprehensive Evaluations and Therapy Services

Speech & Language Evaluations, Dyslexia Evaluations, Speech & Language Therapy

Every child is different.  We offer individualized solutions to meet your child's communication needs. 

Which service is right for your child?

Infant/Toddler Evaluation

  • My child isn't talking or says less words than expected.
  • My child is usually quiet.
  • My child seems to ignore me or doesn't respond consistently.
  • My child used to talk, but stopped.
  • I am worried about my child's communication ability.
  • My child is easily frustrated when attempting to communicate with me.

Preschooler Evaluation

  • My child doesn't talk as much as other children.
  • My child does not use a variety of words, combinations of words and phrases.
  • My child has trouble asking or answering questions 
  • My child is not able to follow multi-step directions.
  • I have difficulty understanding what my child is saying.
  • My child is stuttering.

School-Age Evaluation

  • Speech Evaluation: My child has difficulty producing sounds or being understood by others.
  • Language Evaluation: My child understands or uses language differently than other children.
  • Fluency Evaluation: My child stutters.
  • Reading Evaluation: My child is having difficulty reading. I wonder if my child may be dyslexic.

Language Enrichment 

  • Language enrichment activities personalized for each child's needs with direct teaching and feedback provided to parents during sessions.
  • Let us teach you simple and effective strategies that you can easily implement at home to get your child talking!

Speech & Language Therapy

Individualized, Evidence-Based Therapy for treatment of:

  • Speech Sound Disorders 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
  • Fluency Disorders (Stuttering)


  • Web-based, interactive speech and language therapy sessions tailored to your child's needs 
  •  Flexible scheduling options
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