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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I think my child may need speech therapy.  What do I do next?

Answer: Call or email Lindsey. She will get more information from you about your child and your concerns and discuss options for scheduling an evaluation and/or therapy.

Question: How do I know if my insurance will pay for speech therapy?

Answer: During your initial contact, we will ask for information about your insurance in order to verify your child's eligibility and benefits for services, including speech and language therapy.  You will know your benefits before your first appointment.  If your insurance does not pay for therapy we offer a self-pay rate that is comparable to the discounted rates insurance members receive.

Question: How often will my child receive therapy services?

Answer: It depends on your child's age, type of communication impairment and severity level.  Usually kids are seen once a week, but some children need services more frequently in order to make progress.  We will work with you to determine the best treatment frequency for your child based on his/her needs. 

Question: Where are services provided?

Answer: We offer evaluations and therapy in our office, which is located in Liberty, Missouri.  We also offer teletherapy for families who live out of the KC metro area or prefer a virtual option. 

Question: My child already receives speech therapy at school.  Why should I consider additional therapy?

Answer: Although schools can provide speech and language therapy services, many children are not able to qualify for those services based on the school district's criteria or the services occur with less frequency and intensity than what is needed to help your child make good progress due to inadequate staffing or scheduling limitations.

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